Apple iPhone 12 will be Released in October 2020

The Covid-19 situation has changed a lot in the world. Apple’s new iPhone is announced every year, this time it is not happening anymore. Apple has confirmed the veracity of this information. Rumor has it that the US technology company will announce the new iPhone a month later instead of September. That date could be October 12. In other words, the iPhone 12 may come on October 12.

Iphone 12

According to NDTV Online, the company will replace the iPhone with the iPad and the new Apple Watch in September this year. The announcement of these devices may come in a special virtual event on September 6. There are rumors about this on various technology related websites. That being said, there will be no iPhone announcement ceremony in September. The iPhone 12 will be available in the market at the end of October.

According to a report by news agency CNN, the new iPhone has a number of features to attract buyers. The most notable feature is the support of Five-G network. For this reason, many people will update the new iPhone.

Market analysts say that the biggest surprise of the new iPhone will be in the camera. Apple’s iPhone 12 series uses high quality Semco and Sunny optical lenses. Analyst Ming-Si Kuo, who has become famous for making successful predictions about Apple products, has revealed the information. He said the new lens will further improve the phone’s camera performance and increase autofocus benefits. Semco is a Korean company and Sunny Optical is headquartered in China. Both these companies are known as the best lens suppliers.

Apple’s next phone, the Semco Periscope, could work to make a special telephoto lens for the 2022 phone. Currently, Huawei phones in China have such lenses. Kuo says Apple will change the lens of the iPhone this year. However, Apple has not officially said anything.

There are rumors that the new iPhone 12 may come in two versions. One will have a 6.1 inch screen facility, the other will have a 6.8 inch screen facility. Both versions may use the LED screen panel. The two phones can be equipped with 8 GB RAM and a larger battery.

Apple has not released any information about the new iPhone in advance. So there are always new predictions and rumors surrounding the new iPhone. In many cases these similarities are found. There are rumors that the price of the new iPhone may be lower this time to compete with other mobile phones due to the Corona situation. In May, information technology analyst John Prosser leaked information about the price of the new iPhone. He claims that the iPhone 12 model will be available from USD 649. Customers will be able to buy the new iPhone version from USD 649 to USD 1099. In other words, Apple is reducing the price of the iPhone to deal with the current world situation.

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